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Egress Switch Secure Email

On 25th May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective and Local Government bodies are to comply with the rules that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal data we hold and share.

What is Egress

Egress provides a broad security platform which allows you to securely share confidential information by email and file transfer.

Why do we need Egress

We should be using Secure Email anytime an email contains Sensitive or Personal information which is being sent outwith the West Lothian Council network. All email communications within the council email system i.e. to are secure.  However if you want to send sensitive information to a third party or even someone within a school this email has to leave our network and transfer via the internet.  This is why Egress Switch secure email needs to be used.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive Data is information covering:

• The racial or ethnic origin of the Data Subject
• Political opinions
• Religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
• Membership of trade unions
• Physical or mental health or condition
• Sexual Life
• The commission of any offence or criminal records>

Personal Data

Personal Data is information covering:

Name (if not common)
Home address
Email Address (if private from an association/club membership, etc.)
National Indentification Number
IP Address (in some cases)
Vehicle Registration Plate Number
Driving Licence Number
Face, Fingerprints, or Handwriting
• Credit Card Numbers (Note: It is Council Policy never to send Credit card numbers by email)
Digital Identity
Date of Birth
Birth Place
Genetic Information
Telephone Number

If you are unsure of these requirements please speak to your line manager or your information Liaison Officer.

The Information Security Policy, Procedure and Guidelines to ICT Security should also be referenced 

How do I get Egress

Users have already been identified by Service Managers and have been provided licences to enable them to use Egress.

Your line manager needs to request this via the IT Self Service Portal

They will need to understand why you need this and they need to be sure that you have a clear understanding of the data being transferred and to whom.

Next Steps

Before you can start to send emails securely you must set up your Egress Switch Account.  Once an account is authorised, an email invitation will be sent to you asking you to set up your account, all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions.  Note Egress Switch should only be used for external mail


3 Methods

1. From Outlook: Emails destined for 3rd parties out with the council can be sent as secure email if their Outlook signature contains the control characters [[SECURE]] within it. The council's email system scans for these character and when found, the email is redirected to Egress for encryption and sending on to the 3rd party. Using this method, any attachments are limited to the normal Outlook space limit of approx. 5Mb.  NOTE: This will only work for those who have full Egress Accounts, known as an Author Account.

2. Egress Switch Online internet facility via URL: Signin An Egress registered staff member can log in with their Egress credentials and use this email client to send secure email or "packages" in Egress speak and track them. Egress retains these "packages" for 90 days. Using this method, any attachments are limited to 60Mb.

3. Egress Switch Client: software that can be pushed down to staff members' pc using SCCM. This client is usually reserved for frequent users of encrypted email and those that need to send large attachments securely. Space was previously limited to a share of the council wide 25Gb monthly space limit, however this has changed recently and is now effectively unlimited.

Learn About Switch Signup

Switch Web Access Egress Reader

The Recipient

The recipient of this secure email needs to register with egress in order to open any email sent to them by this software.  It may be useful to send an word icon email [14kb]  notification of your intention to send encrypted mail so that the recipient is able to handle the message on receipt.

There is NO cost for this and NO software to be installed. This is a one-time process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Getting Started

pdf icon How to send an email via the Web Client [300kb]

pdf icon Send an email using the Installed Client [242kb]

pdf icon Managing Information after it has been sent [932kb]

pdf icon Egress Password reset [518kb]

The council email system recognises a trigger word [[SECURE]] and sends any outgoing message destined for a 3rd party, other that recipients with a council email address, to Egress for encryption then Egress sends it on as appropriate.

This can be setup within your auto signature you BUT the auto signature for Egress should be a separate signature to the one you use for all other messages.

The inclusion of [[SECURE]] codeword in your signature allows you to send secure messages externally.  This is not required for internal mail, as it is already deemed to be secure.

pdf icon Setting auto signature in Outlook [303kb]

Frequently Asked Questions

Egress Cannot Forward Messages

The purpose of secure email is to prevent information being read by someone unauthorised to do so, therefore forwarding secure mail to a non registered recipient is prohibited. The originator should be contacted and asked to add another addressee, if that is what is required.

Egress to Non Registered Recipient

When a secure email  is sent to someone who is not registered with Egress they will receive a message as follows:

When they click on the hyperlink they will be taken to the Egress site where they are able to sign up for a free version of the software to allow them to read and reply to your secure messages.

pdf icon Large File Transfer [853kb]

Egress Frequently Asked Questions

Egress Help

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References and Links


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