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What will the new Data Protection Act introduce?

The new data protection law being introduced on 25 May 2018 will form the basis of the new Data Protection Act and replace the current Act.

This new data protection law will apply to every organisation that uses personal data to provide goods or services to anyone in a European Union country.

It aims to give individuals more power and control over their personal data by strengthening and unifying data protection for all EU individuals. The new Act will give individuals more rights and control over how their personal data is handled by organisations such as the council and its service delivery partners such as the Scottish Government, NHS etc.

It is important to note that Brexit will not affect the United Kingdom implementing this new legislation.

The new Data Protection Act covers personal data - this is any information which relates to a living individual who can be identified, such as:

  • Their name
  • Phone number
  • Health information
  • or IP address - this is a label which is used to identify one or more devices on a computer network - such as the internet. It is similar to a postal address and is a series of long numbers.