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Why is the Data Protection Act being changed?

When the current Data Protection Act was introduced the internet was very new.

People didn't understand the full implications of what it would lead to and how it could be used. With the additional development of technology, such as social media and cloud computing, the information landscape has changed dramatically and introduced new definitions of personal data - such as your IP address.

For you as an individual - our personal data is being used in more ways than ever before and it needs more safety measures in place so we can trust organisations who use, process and share it.

The new Data Protection Act will:

  • take into account the advances in new technologies and media - such as your personal data including the location setting from your mobile device
  • allow you greater control
  • increase your privacy rights on how your personal data is held.
  • notify our customers and the data protection regulator when there is a personal data breach
  • strengthen our rules for deleting and removing personal data.

The new Data Protection Act will mean that we need to:

  • introduce new documenting procedures
  • be much more open with our customers about what we do with their data
  • perform risk assessments
  • make sure we only use the minimum amount of personal data needed to get the job done

As the protection of privacy becomes more important for individuals, having a good reputation will allow customers to make a choice based on trust.

Whilst this does not completely apply to our citizens, who may have to interact with us solely due to their geographical location - our reputation is key as we are a public body entrusted to look after a wide variety of customers with many different needs, requiring different services.