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Operational Services GEM Awards (Going the extra mile)

The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards were set up to recognise outstanding achievement by individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent service in the past year within Operational Services.

Operational Services would like to encourage nominations from employees  who recognise and identify achievements of individuals or teams, where the service or performance achievement has been significant, and the individual or team has 'gone the extra mile' to achieve it. 

The winners and nominations for the Operational Services GEM Awards 2019 are: GEM Award Winner - FM
GEM Award Winner - FM


  • Isabel and John Girdwood ( Facilities Management) - for being valued members of the community and the contribution given in their roles as School Crossing Patrol Guides 
  • Kevin Cooper (NETS Land and Countryside) - for the selfless act of donating a kidney and for being an advocate in mental health awareness and support
  • Lindsey Patterson (Recycling, Waste and Fleet Services)  - for being cheerful, friendly and polite in undertaking any role or task given
  • Tracy Young (Support/INPRINT/Passenger Transport) - for being very supportive and understanding when dealing with medical situations GEM Winner - NETS Land and Countryside
    GEM Winner - NETS Land and Countryside


Facilities Management 

  • David Pace
  • Derek Johnstone
  • Cathleen Henderson, Lorraine McCulloch, Novena Miller, Loretta Allen, Mary Connell, Sharon Haddow, Sarah Jane Nicol and Shirley Dale - The Food for Life Working Group

NETs Land and Countryside GEM Winner - Passenger Transport, Support and INPRINT
GEM Winner - Passenger Transport, Support and INPRINT

  • Jim McGladrigan   
  • Alex Ritchie
  • Donna Johnston

Recycling, Waste and Fleet Services GEM Winner - Recycling, Waste and Fleet
GEM Winner - Recycling, Waste and Fleet

  • Lindsey Patterson, Lynn Yuill, Lesley Bennett - Swish
  • Charlie Byrne, Phillip Graham, Lindsey Patterson, Lynn Yuill
  • Emma McGurk
  • Eduardo Moreno

Support/INPRINT/Passenger Transport

  • Ann Miller
  • Henry Higgins
  • Keith Smith
GEM Award Nomination Form - Nominations are now open
Examples of the types of achievement 
  • Someone who is always happy at their work, no task is too much for them, they never miss a shift and they always support their team
  • Demonstration of outstanding efforts over and above the normal job requirements
  • Successful implementation of a staff suggestion which brings about measured improvements / benefits to the customer and / or service
  • An outstanding contribution to improving performance and innovation in their area of work
  • Overcoming obstacles and focusing their energy on making a positive difference towards change and implementation of a service improvement that increases financial efficiency / effectiveness
The Nomination Process
  • Nominations can be made by colleagues, managers or members of staff in other teams within Operational Services. Commendations from the public or partners will also be considered
  • Individuals can submit more than one nomination form.
  • The nomination forms must be received no later than close of business on Friday 10 April 2020 or nominees to be considered for an award. Nomination forms received after that date will not be considered.
  • Nominations can also be made on line at the Operational Services intranet page
  • The judging panel will be made up of a frontline representative from each service and coordinated by the Project Team
  • Nominations will be accepted for individuals and teams.
  • The person who made the nomination may be contacted to discuss their nomination further.