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Childcare Voucher Scheme

Parents are being urged to act now to save money on childcare costs.

The current Childcare Vouchers Scheme closes to new entrants soon.

With the summer holidays almost upon us, now is the perfect time for parents to sign up to the Childcare Voucher Scheme and start saving money on their childcare costs.

Council staff must apply soon, as childcare vouchers are closed to new entrants from 5 October 2018, so a deduction has to be made by the September pay period.

Childcare vouchers aren't just for nursery fees, they can also be used for childminders; holiday clubs; play schemes; sports; music and drama activities and much more. Plus, they can be used for children up until the age of 15.

Those currently in the childcare voucher scheme are not affected by the changes, which affect new entrants after 5 October only.

If you have any questions regarding childcare vouchers please contact Sodexo's Customer Care Team on 0800 328 7411.