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Terrace Car Park Safety

Users of the Terrace Car Park are reminded to be familiar with and follow the car park user safety guidance, which is shown below.

Users should comply with the 10mph speed limit, slow down on approaching the barriers and obey road safety signage. We would also ask all car park users to enter the car park only by the approved entrance and leave the car park only by the approved exit. There have been instances recently where people have been leaving via the entrance which causes the risk of a collision.

Terrace and Arrochar House Car Parks

A guide to ensure that safety comes first


The aim of these management regulations is to ensure the safe and efficient use of car parking facilities. These regulations set out guidance which car park users at the Civic Centre Terraces and Arrochar House Car Park must adhere to.

West Lothian Council continues to provide car parking at the Civic Centre so that many building users continue to enjoy the use of controlled car parking facilities at or near the complex. This includes the Terraces, East staff car park and West (elected members) car park. The responsibility for employee car parking remains with the individual

There are a significant number of other car parks in the area which are not controlled by West Lothian Council, and are shared with members of the public. These provide a significant resource for staff and visitors to the Civic Centre.

Car Parks

All staff based at the Civic Centre or Arrochar House can access the Terraces Car Park, whilst it is controlled during working hours from Monday to Friday.

The following groups of staff/customers can access the limited parking at Arrochar House car park, whilst it is controlled during working hours - Monday to Friday.

  • Approved pool cars for Arrochar House
  • Approved vehicles relating to services based at Arrochar House
  • Disabled staff blue badge holders for Arrochar House

Management Regulations

All car parks have 10mph speed limits. Users must obey this speed limit and any other traffic signs/road markings which are in place to ensure the safety of the users of these facilities. This includes accessing the car park via the entrance and leaving via the exit.

Users must not "tailgate" other users when entering or leaving any barrier controlled car park.

Vehicles must only be parked in recognised and marked parking bays, and not on access roads or other parts of any car park.

All users must have due regard for other road users (including pedestrians) and must operate their vehicles in a sensible and safe manner so as not to cause annoyance, distress or injury to other car park users.

Pedestrians must be cognisant of their surroundings and vehicular traffic whilst transiting through the car park.

Continuing access rights to council controlled car parks will only be available by adherence to the above regulations.


In order to maintain a safe environment, if any car park user is found to be infringing the car park management regulations, then penalties will be applied. The types of infringements that would result in penalties are as follows:

Parking, driving or behaving in a manner which compromises the safety of others.

  • Exceeding the speed limit of 10mph.
  • Disobeying traffic signs/road markings.
  • Parking outside marked parking bays.
  • Parking in an area designated for the use of others.
  • Parking in such a manner as to inhibit the free flow of traffic in the car park or when entering or leaving it.
  • Tailgating other vehicles through the entrance or exit barriers.
  • Parking in such a manner at to inhibit the free flow of pedestrians, wheelchairs, buggies or prams etc. within the car park.
  • Parking across pedestrian ramps.

The penalties to be applied for breach of the Management Regulations will be as follows:

  • First infringement - a warning as to their conduct will be issued by the Group Facilities Manager to the individual, informing their line manager or Partner point of contact.
  • Second infringement - a two month withdrawal of access rights to the car park will be issued by the building responsible person to the individual, informing their Head of Service or Partner point of contact.
  • Third infringement - a one year withdrawal of access rights to the car park will be issued by the building responsible person to the individual, informing their Head of Service or Partner point of contact.

Other Points

When there are no parking bays available, it is the responsibility of the user to find alternative parking in another car park or elsewhere.

It is a staff responsibility to advise any visitors of travel and parking arrangements at the Civic Centre prior to any meetings.

Pedestrians / vehicle drivers should be cognisant of their surroundings, and must ensure they can see other traffic and users around them and are seen by those users. Staff should not walk on or take short cuts through flower or shrub beds.

Further advice, guidance or clarification can be sought from the Civic Centre Security Officers or the Facilities or Group Facilities Managers.