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Construction Services

Construction Services provides multi-disciplinary professional and technical construction related services.

The service reflects a strong corporate approach to the lifecycle management of the council's assets.

Key lifecycle stages and the value added by Construction Services.
Construction Services Lifecycle
Construction Services Lifecycle

The main activities of Construction Services are:

  • The provision of construction feasibility, option appraisal, business case and asset management information that supports future investment decisions
  • The delivery of construction projects for the council's investment programmes
  • Maintenance of the council's non-housing property assets
  • Compliance with property related legislation
  • Service Standards and Performance

    Construction Services are one of six units within Finance and Property Services. Finance and Property Services review their key activities, initiatives and associated targets annually and this contributes to the overall Finance and Property Services Management Plan.

  • Complaints, Comments and Compliments

    We are keen to hear feedback from our customers on the service that we provide. It is encouraging to hear when we have done something well and also if we need to improve then we would like to know so that we can make improvements.

  • Employer's Design Requirements

    West Lothian Council has developed a set of standard Employer's Design Requirements that must be adhered to when undertaking construction projects for the council. They provide designers and other construction professional consultants with a detailed list of the council's requirements, including standards of compliance and prohibited items/activities.

  • CS Toolkit

    Construction Services Toolkit comprises Procedures, Reference documents and Templates to assist CS staff in the delivery of their service.