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IT Services

IT Services provide a wide range of information and communication technology services, support and advice to all of the council's services. In order to maximise efficiency and use of technology, the majority of the service is based and delivered centrally within the Civic Centre, Livingston.

The service also provides onsite support at schools and office locations where required across all council office properties. IT Services provides services to Civic Centre partners, the Improvement Service and West Lothian College. 

Service Portfolio & Programme Management

The Service Portfolio & Project Management Team provides Service Management, Project Management and Project Office services to our customers

Service Management - IT Service Project Managers work with Senior Service Managers to provide IT service account management services.

There is a named IT Service Project Manager assigned to each Service Area within the Council. See the IT Services Customer Engagement Summary document for further details.

The IT Service Project Manager is the key IT contact for the Service Area on matters relating to business IT service delivery, strategic business planning and IT project opportunities, customer service escalations etc

Project Management - IT Service Project Managers also provide Project Managements services to our customers. The team is responsible for the delivery of the IT portfolio of IT projects. On average IT are delivering 65 IT projects for the council at any point in time. Project governance for the portfolio is provided from the ICT Programme Board. All IT Service Project Managers are PRINCE II practitioner accredited and apply project management based on the PRINCE II methodology.

Technical Strategy

The Technical Strategy team works to make sense of the often-daunting fast-paced changes in technology.

They take an overview of the new and emerging technologies and plan on how these may be used to best fit the council's goals, skill set, culture and financial make-up. Working closely with IT suppliers such as Microsoft, Dell and Sun in programmes of research and development, looking out for new technologies that may offer a better or cheaper way of delivering council services.

Creating IT policies and standards that ensure the correct use and secure integration of systems across the Council and with partner organisations.

Application Support

The Application Support team ensures that the council's software applications are running and available to employees on a day-to-day basis.

With more than 100 applications, it covers all aspects of the council's business - from the Internet and Intranet, through the major financial applications down to the Pensioners Garden Scheme, each one is seen as 'business critical' by the people that use them. 

The team maintains and supports both the software and associated databases, upgrading to latest versions, doing the data housekeeping and fixing faults as and when they arise. Also giving customers additional support, preparing ad-hoc reports and offering technical advice.

Technical Team

The Technical Team provides the engine room functions of IT Operations.

They look after all the servers, networks, Oracle databases, email applications, web security, network file-shares, Internet connections and the backup of all these critical components. The use of remote management tools assist them in supporting approximately 500 servers and 750 network devices spread over 200 sites.

You won't see the Technical Team at your desk but they are in the background ensuring that all the Technical Operations functions are running smoothly.

Desktop Team

The face of IT in the field is a customer-focused team of 15, which works in an ever- changing environment, dealing with a broad range of software and hardware.

The team in partnership with the Service Desk holds the Celebrating Success Achievement Award for developing employees. 

They are responsible or supporting thousands of PCs, Laptops, Macs, printers and other devices like Personal Digital Assistants e.g.Dell Axim, across the network.

The team also supports a diverse range of business systems and desktop software.

Information Management

IT Services is responsible for Council strategies, policies, guidelines and procedures relating to Information Management and Records Management.

IT supports the council to develop the culture, tools and capability to manage information effectively across all services.  By identifying, managing and reducing information risk it helps achieve greater compliance with legislation and is an enabler for improving efficiency across the council.

IT Services deliver this function via specialist technical and professional resources e.g. IT Project Managers, Records Manager etc.

Information comes in many forms - policy documents, case files, reports, minutes, operational data and personal data - and is held in a variety of printed and electronic formats. Across the council we use this information in our daily working lives as we work to achieve our own objectives and those of the council - be it when delivering services, formulating policy, managing budgets, holding meetings, teaching pupils or managing staff.

In addition, there is now more external scrutiny of how councils manage their information and a move towards greater openness and transparency around the information that we hold. For example, the Data Protection Act 1998 and Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 requires that the council has more controls in place when managing information whilst the Freedom of Information Scotland Act 2002 requires us to be more transparent and proactive in ensuring access to our information.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk team provides the first point of contact for all your IT enquiries and requests.

Whether you want to report a fault, ask advice, request a new piece of work or purchase IT equipment, the Service Desk is the team to contact.

Using software and procedures based on best practice it aims to ensure that appropriate services and solutions are delivered on time every time. So whatever your IT issue or requirement, call, fax or email the Service Desk. 

Our friendly team is waiting to help you.