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Performance and Improvement Service

The service has a lead role in driving the modernisation and improvement of council services through coordinated programmes of planning, quality and project management. We are responsible for building a corporate approach to performance and the administration and support of critical business systems, including the council's customer relationship management and performance management systems.

The Team - What we do?

The team provides a range of performance, business and quality improvement activities as well as programme and project management. The team is also responsible for the key council Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Performance Management (Pentana) systems.

Performance and Systems

CRM Advice, Support or Training

The team administers the corporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system from a business perspective providing users with the ability to log, track and handle internal and external customer contacts/enquiries. This includes administering user accounts and creating automated or self-service statistical reports based on the data entered in the system.

For support please email:

Or contact: Robert Adamson (01506) (2)82610


Performance Management System Advice or Support

The team develops and maintains the corporate performance reporting system, Pentana, ensuring that the system supports the council's aims of continuous improvement. We act as the subject expert in relation to the corporate performance management system, appropriately dealing with customer and supplier enquiries. Ensure that the system provides timely and relevant management information, and where necessary identify and make recommendations on relevant system improvements.

For support please email:

Or contact: Robert Adamson (01506) (2)82610

Performance and Improvement

Business Improvement, Processes or Mapping

Business Improvement focuses on improving service activity and processes through a variety of methods including LEAN and project management.

For support please email:

Or contact: Katherine McLaughlin (01506) (2)82379 or Jane Baillie(01506) (2)82611

Citizen Led Inspections

Citizen Led Inspections (CLI) is a programme of inspection of council services using lay inspectors from our community.  This award winning initiative is a council designed programme that encourages our community to get involved in improving and re-designing council services.

For support please email:

Or contact: Katherine McLaughlin (01506) (2)82379 or Jane Baillie (01506) (2)82611

Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) was developed to offer services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within the organisation and is used as Best Practice within the organisation. In 2018/19, West Lothian Council retained the Corporate CSE accreditation.

All relevant information on Customer Service Excellence standard can be found on this page.

For support please email:

Or contact: Audrey Johnston (01506) (2)82442

Performance Advice, Support or Training

Performance management is the way that West Lothian Council measures achievement in key activities and processes. It helps us to track the progress we are making in our key outcomes and priorities and to demonstrate that we are delivering services efficiently and effectively. Performance management support, advice and training is provided to this achieve this aim.

For support please email:

Or contact: Fiona Key (01506) (2)81998 or Audrey Johnston (01506) (2)82442


West Lothian Council Archives and Records Centre

West Lothian Council Archives and Records Centre preserves and makes accessible records relating to the history of West Lothian. The Archives and Records Centre is based within Kirkton Service Centre.

For Retaining, Accessing or Destroying Records please use our online form.

For archive or general enquires please email:

Or contact: 01506 (2)83670

Performance Committee

The team supports the pdf icon performance committee's [47kb] role to monitor, review and challenge the Council's services and activities, at both corporate and service level. The committee ensures appropriate measures are in place and applied systematically across the council in accordance with council strategies such as West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM), as well as ensuring that continuous improvement in the delivery of service is achieved.  Each year the service assists in the process of the pdf icon Performance Committee workplan [7kb].

For support please email:

Or contact: Rebecca Kelly (01506) (2)81891

West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM) or Review Panel

The council's self-assessment framework helps services to ensure that they provide good quality and improving services to the people and local communities in West Lothian.


The West Lothian Assessment Model 2017-20

The framework, WLAM 2017, has been reviewed and improved to make the process more effective and easier for users.

The WLAM was created specifically for councils and as such, reflects the demands and priorities of the public sector environment. This has helped encourage a strong sense of self awareness and understanding amongst services of their capability to respond to change and achieve long-term outcomes.

Details of the WLAM Schedule for 2017-20, how the framework works and guidance on WLAM is available.

For support please email:

Or contact:  Fiona Key (01506) (2)81998 or Audrey Johnston (01506) (2)82442

Our Customer Standards

We aim to ensure our customers receive a quality service at all times and are satisfied with their customer journey when engaging with the Performance and Information team.  Below is an outline of the standards that our customers can expect from us.

  • We acknowledge your enquiry within 1 working day
  • We will aim to resolve your enquiry within a reasonable timescale
Quality of Information
  • We will aim to provide accurate and detailed information whilst keeping you informed of progress
  • We endeavour to meet our customer's day-to-day and long-term requirements
Knowledge / Professionalism
  • We will continue to develop our employees to ensure you benefit from their knowledge
  • We will treat you fairly and with respect
Employee Attitude
  • We aim to be understanding with all our customer's enquiries
  • We will always aim to provide an excellent service

Our Performance

We monitor our performance against customers service standards.  Results of customer surveys, complaints and local monitoring of standards are reported on a regular basis.

Service Consultations:  "You Said / We Did"

The service are always trying to ensure that we meet our customer needs.

Here are just some examples of how customers' views make a difference in the Performance and Improvement Service:


pdf icon You Said We Did - Performance and Improvement Service 2014-15 [184kb]

Our Complaints Procedure

The service is committed to providing high-quality services to all our customers.  We value complaints and we will use the information from them to help us improve our services.  If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.

How do I complain?

You can complain person to any member of staff from the Performance and Improvement Service by phone, via email or in writing to Designated Complaints Officer, Performance and Improvement, Civic Centre, Howden Road South, Livingston, EH54 6FF; or 01506 (2)81891.

Remember:  It is easier for us to resolve complaints if you make them quickly and directly to the service. 

Strategies, Plans, and Procedures

Provided here is a selection of strategies, plans, and procedures related to the service:

Strategies, Plans and Procedures





Performance Management

Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM)

How do I contact a member of the team?

Contact the Team

Rebecca Kelly - Performance and Improvement Manager | T:01506 (2)81891

Joe Murray - Project Manager | T:01506 (2)81893

Katherine McLaughlin - Business Improvement Officer | T:01506 (2)82379

Fiona Key - Quality Development Officer | T:01506 (2)81998

Robert Adamson - CRM Development Officer | T:01506 (2)82610

Jane Baillie - Business Improvement Officer | T:01506 (2)82611

Karen Pryde - System Support Officer | T:01506 (2)82612

Jennifer Tortolano - Archives/Records Manager | T:01506 (2)83653

Duncan MacDonald - ECM Development Officer | T:01506 (2)84776

Kevin Tomaszewski - System Support Officer   | T:01506 (2)83246

Carol Dunn - Records Manager   | T:01506 (2)81496

Audrey Johnston - Quality Development Officer | T:01506 (2)82442