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Fleet and Community Transport

Fleet and Community Transport are responsible for the provision, management and maintenance of the council's fleet of approximately 1000 vehicles which includes commercial vehicles, buses, pool cars and items of plant equipment.

With its own team of mechanics the service undertakes all safety inspections as well as servicing, repairs and MOTs for the council's fleet of vehicles and also members of the public.

We have an increased fleet number due to pool cars and winter emergency equipment and are responsible for the provision of low carbon fuel vehicles. In addition, the service provides community transport to service users with varying needs to a number of locations throughout West Lothian on a daily basis.

Services Provided

  • Maintaining a fully operational MOT test station authorised to test class IV, V, VII vehicles 
  • Large involvement in delivering the Green Transport Strategy
  • Providing assistance for service users with a variety of needs during transportation
  • Delivering school meals from 25 production centres to schools
  • Ensuring that all council vehicles have adequate fuel, road fund licences and insurances 
  • Providing an effective and efficient vehicle maintenance service for the Council's vehicles and plant and equipment
  • Managing the council's vehicle and plant portfolio
  • Transporting Community Transport services users to various locations throughout West Lothian
  • Collecting and deliver internal mail to all council buildings (under review)