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Pentana Performance Management System

Pentana Performance is a cloud-based performance management software that provides complete, real time visibility and control of every aspect of strategic and operational performance and risk in the Council.

Pentana has been in operation since September 2005 and provides a tool for the creation of performance indicators (PIs), actions and risks which are then developed to a consistent standard.  These PIs, actions and risks can be monitored and reported on as a key information source supporting the improvement strategy, performance management, action management, risk management, public performance reporting, Customer Service Excellence and the West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM).

Accessing Pentana

There are currently two versions of Pentana: Classic and Browser.  All functionality is available in both versions however it should be noted that future development by the supplier will primarily focus on the browser version.

Pentana Browser

Clicking the following link will launch the browser version of Pentana:    Launch Pentana Browser

Pentana Classic

Clicking the following link will launch the application:  Launch Pentana Classic


Quick Links - Performance Indicators and Actions

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Performance Indicators


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Pentana exception reports and usage charts

Monthly exception reports, against published standards for Public and High Level performance indicators, and further usage charts are found here (requires Pentana login)