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Chief Executive's Office

The Chief Executive is responsible for carrying out the agreed policies of the council and the overall management of council services. The Chief Executive Office works collaboratively with senior management to support the Chief Executive in his role.

The key functions of the office include Corporate Code of Governance, complaints and enquiries, Elections Administration, Emergency Planning, Standards Commission complaints, Standing Orders and West Lothian Lord-Lieutenant.  In addition, the office is responsible for organising and coordinating a range of activities related to the development and implementation of corporate priorities, policies, strategies, initiatives and governance. 

  • Corporate Governance

    Governance is the system by which local authorities direct and control their functions and relate to their communities.

  • FOI Appeals

    If you have made a request and are unhappy with the response from West Lothian Council or have not had a response, you have the right to request a review by the authority.

  • Elections and Voting

    Information about elections and voting in West Lothian.

  • Emergency Planning

    The Emergency Planning Service is responsible for ensuring that the council has emergency response arrangements in place to enable it to respond effectively in times of crisis.

  • Standing Orders

    The council has filled in these areas of discretion by making sets of rules which, taken together with legislation, form the council's constitutional documents and framework. The collective title for them is "Standing Orders", and there are six individual elements under that umbrella.

  • West Lothian Lord-lieutenant

    Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenants are the representatives for the Crown for each county in the United Kingdom. The Queen appoints men or women of all backgrounds, on the advice of the Prime Minister.