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Corporate Communications Event Protocol

This Events Protocol and Guidance should be followed by officers when arranging all events including celebrations, commemorations, building or school openings / refurbishments etc. When arranging an event, officers should refer to the guidelines for events and public meetings as set out below.

All events are required to be approved by the Chief Executive Office (CEO), and organised by an identified Lead Officer within the relevant service. The Lead Officer should undertake the following when arranging an event:

  1. Read the events guidance below
  2. Complete the online form below
  3. The online form will be sent electronically to the relevant Head of Service for approval.
  4. On approval by the Head of Service, the online form will then be forwarded to the CEO. 
  5. The CEO will consult with the Council Leader / Executive Councillor. The CEO will provide confirmation that the proposed event can proceed on the basis outlined in the online form or will advise on any amendments at this stage.

Services can then proceed on that basis.

The Lead Officer is responsible for organising the event as agreed and should update the Council Leader and Executive Councillor as appropriate. The Lead Officer should keep their Head of Service appraised throughout the planning of the event and should confirm to the CEO and Corporate Communications that all arrangements for the event are in place.

Council Event Guidance

Six steps to consider before you start to plan your event.

You should ask, and be able to answer, the following questions:

  1. Why are you holding the event and what are you hoping to achieve? All events should celebrate the council's achievements and local people
  2. Where will you hold your event and when? Events should be organised 4 - 6 weeks in advance (including invites to guests) and special consideration given to important dates such as pre-election periods and the availability of key participants
  3. Who do you need to invite and what elected member/s need to be invited? Please follow the multi-member ward protocols
  4. Who is project managing the event and is your Head of Service aware? Remember that arranging an event takes time and effort
  5. What are the tasks (pre-event, on the day and post event) and who is going to do them and by when? Set up the task list before you start - is it achievable?
  6. Are you aware of the events pro forma on the intranet that must be completed? Your form will be sent to your HoS and the CEO for approval before your event can proceed further.

Happy with all of the above? Complete the events online form below: