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Incident Recording

Welcome to the incident recording system. To report an incident, click on the link below:

The Data Protection Law regulates the way we handle and process personal information within the council.  To learn more about how we use incident information click the relevant link below:

Health and Safety Privacy Notice

Incident Recording Enquiries

All enquires regarding this topic should be directly to the Health and Safety Team via

User Guide Summary

  1. Select the type of incident that you wish to report. (If you have been subjected to both physical and verbal assault please complete the physical assault form only).
  2. Having selected the incident form then select your "Accident" location from the drop down menu (this is alphabetical) i.e. WLC - Civic Centre Corp Admin Team, or WLC - Strathbrock Partnership Centre SP (team name), WLC - Kirkton Service Centre (team name).
  3. Complete the form with as much detail surrounding the incident as possible. All yellow fields are mandatory and must be completed.The more detail that is entered at this time then greater the understanding shall be as to how to prevent a similar incident occurring again.
  4. Select if "employee or non-employee" and then the most appropriate title from second drop down menu which shall now appear. i.e. a teacher is a teacher whether working in a  nursery, a primary, a special arrangements or secondary school; joiners, electricians, plumbers etc. are Trades persons.
  5. During completion of the injured person information the opportunity to allow your information to be shared with a third party will appear in the form of a tick box.  If you wish your information to be shared with people such as legal services, lawyers, recognised trade union representatives, please make sure you tick this box. 
  6. "About the accident" - Select if minor, serious or major from the drop down.
  7. "Where did the incident occur" - if there have been no incidents recorded in your area previously then enter the location in the field provided, if a previous incident has been recorded then you should check the drop down menu first, if your location is on the drop down list then select it; if your location is not on this list click on "enter new location here" and type in new location. Please ensure that you spell the location correctly using its correct name and not what you know it by.
  8. "Describe the task etc."-  in this field enter as much detail surrounding the incident as you can - what you were doing, what happened, what you seen or heard at the time, if you were using equipment then what type, were there any witnesses?

On completion of the form select "save details" and the manager responsible for the location that you have selected shall receive and automated email informing them that an incident has been recorded.

Your Line Manager shall now receive an automatic notification of the incident via email.

Face-to-face training covering recording and investigating incidents is available here - Health and Safety Training Courses